The ALUGOM GROUP was created in the early ’80s as a consequence of the efforts and experience of the previous fifteen years in the metal sector as a manufacturer of windows systems.

In 1985 a horizontal coating and anodizing plant was built. It was the first plant of that nature in central Spain to obtain the Qualicoat label. Moreover, the strong commitment to quality and the environment have subsequently yielded excellent results, and we have achieved other certificates of quality such as Qualipak, Aquaplaned, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

In 1987 ALUMINIOS VILLAVICIOSA SA, another extrusion factory, was founded in order to respond more efficiently to our clients’ demands. In 1992 we acquired the extrusion plant COTEVAL SA, and the two extrusion companies were merged to create the current AV COTEVAL.

In 1990, in the first VETECO Aluminium Carpentry Exhibition held in Madrid, we introduced our ALUGOM SYSTEMS trademark, the first sliding and folding series entirely designed and produced in Spain.

In 2004 we increased our facilities by acquiring a new area of 25,000 m2 located a few meters from the previous location, and now housing a vertical coating plant, a modern anodizing plant, a buffer warehouse and the head office. In 2006 the expansion continued by installing a new extrusion press with a hydraulic power of 2,800 MT which, together with the 1,600 MT and 2,200 MT existing presses, allows for an annual production capacity of approximately 25,000 MT. Moreover, we acquired a new machine to produce profiles with thermal break through an assemblage system using polyamides. In addition to its excellent efficiency, this machine has a new system that prevents the profiles from bending.

The ALUGOM group has also been very active in the export market, and has expanded into Europe thanks to an important commercial campaign of distribution abroad, which includes participation in some of the most important international trade shows of our industry.